How to Provide Complete Dental Care for Your Dog at Home

Whether you just brought a canine friend home or are already a pet parent, taking care of your pup’s health and well-being is essential. That said, oral care is also a part of keeping your furry friend healthy. In fact, 80% of dogs suffer from periodontal disease when they turn three.

If you are unfamiliar with your dog’s dental care, take it easy and start slow. Be patient and make teeth brushing a fun time for your dog.

We at Petsfleet love to give teeth-brushing demonstrations for our dog owners. So, let’s dive into complete dental care for your canine friend at home.

How Do I Give My Dog Dental Care?

Dogs are prone to dental diseases, so dental care is necessary to eliminate bad breath and prevent illnesses. If you are too busy to take your dog for regular dental cleanings, you can keep your dog’s teeth clean at home and here’s how:

Examine Your Dog’s Teeth Regularly

If you are wondering how I can take care of my dog’s teeth at home, here is your answer.

One simple way to do your dog’s dental care is to brush and examine your dog’s teeth regularly. That way, you can figure out if things are going okay. Watch out for any symptoms of dental diseases in your canine. One fact is that dogs are expert in hiding their pain; if your puppy is not in discomfort, you still need to check out their teeth. In the case of any problem, book an appointment with your vet.

Brush Your Canine’s Teeth with Dog Toothpaste

Some dogs love teeth brushing because of canine toothpaste available in different flavors. However, avoid using flavored toothpaste if your furry friend has a food allergy.

You might wonder, how do you clean dogs’ teeth if they don’t let you brush? It’s okay if your dog won’t let you brush his teeth; look for other alternatives.

You can use a baby toothbrush or a fingertip brush for smaller dogs. Another good option is to buy a dog toothbrushing kit that includes a fingertip brush, a regular brush, and toothpaste. In the case of large dogs, go for a regular human toothbrush.

Ask Your Vet Regarding Prescription Dental Food

Some dog food companies formulate prescription dental foods to reduce canine dental diseases. The kibble contains ingredients tha kill bacteria, which results in plaque buildup and tartar formation. It cleans your dog’s teeth surface as your furry friend chews the food. Although these formulas are clinically proven, ask your vet before feeding your dog.

Give Your Dog Dental Treats

When choosing dental treats or chews for your canine friends, make sure they contain the Veterinary Oral Health Council’s Seal of Acceptance. This seal indicates that these products are effective in controlling tartar buildup.

For instance, you can give an OraVet chewable treat once daily that prevents sticking bacteria to the dog’s teeth surface. Such treats avoid tartar buildup and can be given occasionally.

How to Provide Complete Dental Care for Your Dog at Home

How Do You Remove Brown Tartar from A Dog’s Teeth?

One effective way to remove tartar from your pet’s teeth is to brush them daily or 2-3 times a week. Grab a wet toothbrush, apply some canine toothpaste, and gently brush your dog’s teeth. However, brushing their teeth won’t solve all the problems.

Here is how you can remove tartar from your canine’s teeth:

Give Your Dog a Chewing Bone

Chewing bones help soften the tartar so your dog can easily get rid of it. Choose a bone according to your dog, not too small or too big. Use raw bones that can fight tartar without splintering and not damage your pet’s teeth. But if your dog aggressively chews these bones, take them away to prevent them from fracturing their teeth.

Use Dental Spray and Oral Gel

The dental spray effectively removes the plaque before it turns into tartar. Spritz it directly on your pet’s teeth and gums, where it breaks down plaque and calcium in tartar.

Oral gel gives the best results in 30 days. You don’t need to brush your dog’s teeth; just apply the gel on them. After mixing with the saliva, the gel will activate the ingredients and dissolve plaque and tartar.

Focus on Your Dog’s Diet

Most people ask, how can I get plaque off my dog’s teeth naturally? Or how to clean dog teeth naturally? Crisp fruits and vegetables such as beetroots, carrots, and celery help remove plaque naturally. Some fruits and vegetables are also rich in vitamin C, which protects gums and other tissues from bacterial infections.


Final Thoughts

Like humans, dog dental care is an essential part of the overall wellness of canines. You can simply take care of your dog’s teeth at home by regularly brushing with dog-friendly toothpaste or feeding dog dental food. Chewing raw bones and eating vegetables and fruits keep your dog’s teeth clean and eliminate a bad smell. Congratulations, now you can keep your furry friend away from dental diseases.

If you are a new dog owner and want to know grooming tips for your dog, we are here to help.


How to Clean Dog Teeth without Brushing?

If your dog is uncomfortable with brushing, try rubbing the toothpaste with a cloth on your dog’s teeth. In addition, you can use chew toys that help to scrub any soft tartar and plaque. Try feeding dry food instead of wet food to canines, which is effective in fighting plaque and tartar buildup.

What is the Best Home Remedy for Cleaning Dogs Teeth?

You can improve your dog’s oral health by brushing their teeth with your fingers or a brush, using a few drops of coconut oil. You can add coconut oil to your dog’s meal to get better results regarding teeth cleaning. Coconut oil is helpful to stop the pain of dreaded periodontitis and gingivitis.

How Do Vets Sedate Dogs for Dental Cleaning?

Vets use intravenous catheters for administering the fluid throughout the process and for emergency medication in the case of complications. Sedation is given before anesthesia to calm your pet and relieve anxiety. Your dog will be anesthetized after 20 minutes.

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