Creative Ways to Use Dog Food Toppers for a Tail-Wagging Mealtime

There is nothing better than sharing a meal with your beloved canine companion. A dog’s regular kibble provides essential nutrients, but topping it with dog food toppers can make their meals more enjoyable and offer a variety of benefits. In addition to boosting nutrition, dog food toppers can address specific dietary needs, turning an ordinary meal into a tail-wagging delight.

Ways to use dog food toppers

1-Enhance nutrition intake

One of the best ways to add nutrient-rich additions to your fellow’s regular diet is by sprinkling dog food toppers. For instance, you can add freeze-dried vegetables, fruits, or even a small quantity of plain yogurt to provide additional minerals and essential vitamins for the well-being of your dog.

2-Protein rich toppings

If you own an athletic dog that is on a high-protein diet, you can boost its protein intake by adding lean meats like beef, chicken, and turkey in cooked form. In this way, you can help your pooch by enhancing taste along with supporting muscle growth and repair.

3-Allergy-friendly toppers

Choosing hypoallergenic dog food toppers such as pumpkin or sweet potatoes can be a game changer for your dog having food allergies. Moreover, you can go for commercial options with limited-ingredients toppers to reduce the risk of allergic reactions and to comfort your dog.

4-Weight management

For dogs who want to shed a few pounds, try to add low-calorie dog food toppers like carrots or steamed green beans. The positive aspect of these toppers is their fiber-rich contents that help your dog to feel full and satisfied without adding extra calories to the diet.

5-Digestive health

Incorporation of plain yogurt along with probiotics as a topper to your dog’s regular diet will help to resolve occasional digestive issues. Probiotics are well known to maintain a healthy gut by supporting microflora that helps to reduce tummy problems.

6-Hydration boost

If your dog is having a complaint of less water intake, you can help him by introducing a dog food topper that aids in boosting hydration. For this purpose, you can offer a semi-moist meal to your dog by mixing wet dog food in regular kibbles to keep him hydrated even with less water intake.

7-Training treats

You can use dog food toppers as a training treat by cutting them down into small pieces. One of the major benefits of using these treats is their ability to act as more healthy and motivating treats than commercially available treats.

8-Medication concealment

If you need to offer medications like pills or capsules to your reluctant dog in a quite smooth way, try to use soft dog food toppers like peanut butter or cream cheese to hide the medication. These tasty dog food toppers will help to mask the medication’s smell and taste.

9-Rotate flavors

It’s a healthy practice to rotate different flavors of dog food toppers to encourage your dog to eat well and to prevent boredom during mealtimes. That thing will help to enhance eagerness for the next meal with an exciting palate.

10-Senior dog care

Older dogs are likely to face dental issues along with reduced appetite that directly affects their food intake. Therefore, try to use low-sodium broth or warm water to moisten the dry kibbles for the sake of enhancing palatability and providing comfort to your senior fellow.

11-Homemade toppers

You have to be creative in the kitchen to make different homemade dog food toppers by using ingredients like steamed broccoli, eggs, or cooked rice. However, don’t forget to make sure of the absence of any harmful seasonings for the safety of your pooch.

12-Weight gain support

If you are planning to increase the weight of your dog, you must go for calorie-rich dog food toppers like cottage cheese. Adding these toppers to your dog’s meal will allow him to intake extra calories along with getting extra fats to reach the desired weight gain.

13-Customize toppers

It is necessary to keep in mind the preference of your dog while choosing dog food toppers. Therefore, always try to change toppers according to your dog’s need and desire to create a customized diet that fits your fellow’s taste.

14-Rotisserie chicken

You can use leftover rotisserie chicken as a dog food topper after making sure it’s properly deboned and washing out seasonings. In this way, you can successfully adore your dog’s meal with satisfying texture and mouth-watering flavor.

15-Special occasions

You can make your dog’s meal extra special by adding a dog-friendly topping on special occasions. For your dog, a bit of apple, some salmon, or even some plain mashed potatoes can make any day special. Therefore, always try one way or the other to make your dog happy and delighted.


Adding dog food toppers to your dog’s meals enhances their dining experience and addresses specific dietary requirements. With these creative ways to use dog food toppers, you’re sure to make every bite a delight for your canine companion, whether you’re trying to improve nutrition and digestion or simply make mealtime more interesting.


Can I use human food as a dog food topper?

You can only use those human foods that are dog friendly and where there are no chances of getting harmful seasonings and, ultimately, toxicity for your dog. Always try to consult a canine nutritionist when it comes to doubts.

Are dog food toppers safe for all dogs?

For most dogs, dog food toppers are potentially beneficial; however, for others, you have to first find out their specific dietary needs and food allergies they might have before adding toppers to their meals.

How much dog food topper should I add to my dog’s meal?

Depending on your dog’s size and dietary needs, you may need more or less topping. To maintain a balanced diet, begin with a small amount and increase as necessary.

Is it safe to feed my dog raw meat as a dog food topper?

Yes, you can feed raw meat to your dog a topper; however, it should be handled with care. The meat should be fresh and free of harmful bacteria, as well as of high quality.

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