Can Dogs Have Oat Milk? Benefits, Risks, & Safe Consumption Guidelines

Can Dogs Have Oat Milk

Are you a pet parent of an adorable dog? Are you concerned about giving the best possible diet to your furry friend to keep him healthy? What about providing traditional cow milk to dogs?

Unfortunately, your canine friend lacks the enzyme that breaks down the lactose in dairy products. That’s why they have difficulty digesting milk. But can dogs have plant-based milk alternatives?

More specifically, can dogs have oat milk? The short answer is yes, dogs can have oat milk safely but in moderation. Otherwise, they will end up having stomach issues such as diarrhea and constipation.

But before adding oat milk to your dog’s diet, let us give you a bit more information on “Can dogs have oat milk?”

Is Oat Milk Safe for Dogs?

Yes, oat milk is safe for your canine companions. In fact, it is loaded with nutritional components like riboflavin, vitamin B complex, calcium, and vitamin D. Therefore, it’s the best option for dog owners who want to add extra nutrition to their canine’s diet.

In addition, natural oat milk lacks any toxic components as it is composed of oat grains soaked for a long time.

But, on the other side of the coin, oat milk is rich in fiber; therefore, excessive consumption can result in stomach issues like diarrhea and constipation. Though these fibers are necessary for maintaining a healthy and functional gut, avoid loading your fur baby with gastrointestinal problems.

That said, give your dog only a small amount of oat milk as an occasional treat to remain on the safe side. Even if your dog doesn’t react adversely, giving him too much or too often is not ideal.


Is Oat Milk Beneficial to Dogs?

Yes, oat milk benefits dogs as it is high in nutrients like calcium and potassium, which works best for your dog’s bone health. Moreover, vitamin A in oat milk help in the maintenance of night vision in dogs and keeps their coat healthy and shiny.

Vitamin D helps in the regulation and retention of calcium and phosphorus in canines. Besides, the high amount of iron in this plant-based milk prevents dogs from anemia. The iron in the diet dissolves, allowing oxygen to reach all body parts, resulting in optimal development and function.

In addition, oat milk is lactose and gluten-free and is suitable for dogs having lactose sensitivity and gluten intolerance.

But as a caring pet owner, you should consider the risks of oat milk for dogs along with the benefits.

Are There Any Risks of Oat Milk for Dogs?

The high amount of fiber in oat milk can hurt your dog, leading to stomach problems. Moreover, oat milk from the supermarket contains sugar, additives, and artificial sweeteners, which are pretty harmful to dogs. So, make sure to check the ingredients of oat milk before purchasing for your canine. Opt for the one that is 100% natural and free from additives.

Overconsumption of oat milk can cause a couple of problems in canines, and here is how:

Gastrointestinal Problems

Oat milk is rich in carbs and fiber, so your dog has difficulty digesting them. Consequently, these carb and fiber can upset your dog’s tummy.

Although, a small amount won’t hurt your dog. However, your dog will suffer severe consequences if he is allergic to oats and grains. These consequences include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.


Numerous oat milk products are available in the market. These include chocolate oat milk, flavored oat milk, and oat milk ice cream. Most people ignore the difference between unsweetened oat milk and sweet milk before purchasing.

Remember, high sugar in any dog food leads to hyperactivity. The same is true for oat milk. Hyperactivity results in behavioral changes and increased heart rate in canines. As a result, it’s become difficult to handle your dog as he might want to escape.

Obesity and Diabetes

Obesity and diabetes are common problems in dogs and put their lives in danger. Dogs become prone to these issues when given sweet oat milk for a more extended period. Unfortunately, diabetes can even result in excessive urination in your canine friend.

How Much Oat Milk is Okay for Dogs to Consume?

Have you ever wondered how much oat milk is suitable for canines? Simply put, a small amount is considered okay.

You can give dogs a small amount of plant-based milk as an occasional treat. However, avoid overfeeding them as dogs cannot digest the excessive amount.

The recommended amount may vary, but half a cup of oat milk every two or three days is okay for dogs. Unflavored and xylitol-free is the best option that you can give your dog. For gluten-intolerance canines, opt for the one that is certified gluten-free to avoid serious health concerns.


Can Oat Milk Hurt My Dog?

Oat milk won’t hurt your four-legged furry companion if given in small amounts. That said, it is safe for dogs to drink oat milk. However, if your pet has accidentally consumed enough oat milk, talk to your vet immediately.

What Type of Milk is Suitable for Dogs?

Dogs can have all types of plant-based milk. However, avoid giving them dairy milk and other products as they can result in lactose intolerance in canines when consumed in excessive amounts.

What is the Safest Milk for Dogs?

Dogs are unable to consume cow milk as they lack the enzyme to digest lactose found in milk. However, plant-based milk (almond, oat, or soy) is a better alternative for your canine friend. Remember, there’s no such thing as the safest milk for dogs because only small amounts are okay.


In short, oat milk is safe for dogs in moderation due to its nutritional components. However, excessive consumption can lead to various health problems in canines. Give your dog only a small amount of oat milk as an occasional treat.

Now you know better about “Can dogs have oat milk?”, decide wisely whether to feed your dog or not to keep him healthy.

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